The Smokey Mirrors Podcast
with Ben Kovacs

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Cannabis investing is hard! I am convinced that right now there are millions of people around the world looking to invest in cannabis, and I’m even more certain that almost none have the first clue of how to gain the correct exposure to the best companies and management teams.

Episode 1: What Cannabis Companies Need To LEVEL Up

Chris Emerson has a Ph.D level understanding of cannabis. He used that expertise to build LEVEL Experience - a company dedicated to cultivating rare cannabinoids.

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Episode 2: The Shocking Future Of The Cannabis Industry

Jason Vegotsky helps cannabis brands achieve rapid growth. His company PetalFast has developed a go-to-market accelerator that has achieved real results for companies like Space Coyote, Big Pete’s Cookies, Honey Oil and Weed.

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Episode 3: The Biggest Mistake An Investor Can Make

Aaron Salz offers clear analysis of the cannabis industry. His company Stoic Advisory advises and invests in the global cannabis industry. He has worked in the industry for nearly a decade. And he thinks there are still plenty of opportunities – if you know where to look. 

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Episode 4: A Reckoning Is Coming For The Cannabis Industry

Jigar Patel, Co-Founder and CO-CEO of NorCal Cannabis, is a key player in California’s cannabis market. And he's my former boss! That's how I know he has one of the best reads on this industry.

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Episode 5: The Hidden Opportunities In The Cannabis Industry 

Jeffrey Graham realized there was a problem with the cannabis industry.  There just wasn't the kind of granular data that companies needed to make smart decisions. So he founded Pistil Data. Pistil makes it easy for California cannabis sales teams to prospect, upsell and get quick intel to grow sales.

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Episode 6: Comply or Die | The Truth About Cannabis Compliance

AnnaRae Grabstein is Chief Compliance Officer at NorCal Cannabis Co. She says cannabis companies have to understand the political environment they are operating in. If they don't, they're doomed to fail.  

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Episode 7: What Most Cannabis Companies Don't Understand

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Episode 8: Are There Any Real Brands in the Cannabis Industry?

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